A community wellness event for women seeking to enrich their lives through strengthening the daily habit of movement & exercise

Saturday, July 13th

9 am - 2:30 pm

Huntington Beach, CA


Want to discover an effective truth behind…

making exercise and healthy living a long-term, joy-filled, enjoyable part of your life without the guilt, obsession with numbers, pressure, comparison, dread or inconsistency?


Want to learn the simple ways you can…

successfully incorporate movement into your daily life no matter what challenges or changes life throws at you?


Want to free yourself to…

explore and unveil the REAL LIFE benefits of movement that apply uniquely to YOUR LIFE that go far beyond the surface reasons we exercise and strive to live a healthy life?

Well….lovely, that is why we created The LiveLife Conference

We know you’re busy, and that stepping away from your family, activities, responsibilities and schedule can be challenging


that’s why we’ve made this event very time and budget friendly for you by designing a focused, inspiring program that will leave you feeling energized, connected and clear on your next steps…

all in less than half a day!


Keep scrolling to learn all of the wonderful details…

At The LiveLife Conference we provide…

….a place for women to come together in solidarity to

gain knowledge about their body, exercise and mindful living in an encouraging environment.


…learning simplified, actionable lessons and steps that will help us establish

long-lasting, meaningful movement and wellness habits that create powerful, positive results in our lives.

The conference was a nice safe space for women that like and enjoy movement and/or that simply want to include movement more into their lives. To have a safe space to come into where you can express yourself and be seen as you learn and experience movement through various perspectives from different women is a unique and special opportunity.
— Andrea S.

Maybe you find yourself…

Often getting wrapped up the common difficulty of finding the time, energy and motivation to move or exercise, and you seek simple, effective ways to make movement a meaningful, consistent part of your life.

or maybe…

You successfully exercise and move your body on a regular basis, but the energy and excitement for movement wanes or you feel disillusioned about the pressures to maintain a certain body type, and you are looking to rejuvenate the WHY behind your desire and commitment to move.


If so…

This event is perfectly made for YOU!

Leah, at her conferences, opens up the floor for communication. She creates a welcoming and open environment for you to come and share and ask questions and to listen without judgement. I feel that if you need an outlet like that, this is the place to come, the place to be and the place to learn. And to feel appreciated and to feel loved and to be around other like-minded individuals.
— Heidi C.

The mission of The LiveLife Conference…

is to walk women, who are seeking to make movement a joyful, enjoyable, consistent part of their lives, through a journey of inspiration, education and empowerment where in…

we dig deeper and peel back the layers as to OUR true purpose behind why we movement and exercise that go beyond aesthetic looks and physical feats.

In this process, we begin to see how movement is a catalyst for us to step into our life with more intention and vibrancy, because it is through movement that we can nourish and prepare our body in order to meet our heart’s passions and our life’s callings!

The LiveLife Conference IS…

  1. An incredible self-care day that will leave you feeling refreshed.

  2. A community environment where you will connect with and learn from other like-minded women.

  3. A chance to gain a fresh perspective on movement and its TRUE role in your life.

  4. An opportunity to renew and revive a healthy relationship with body image and exercise.

  5. The beginning of making movement a viable, long-term part of your life by discovering how you love to move.

the livelife conference is not…

  1. A fitness conference that focuses on the surface elements and reasons for moving your body.

  2. A place where we will try to sell you things to fulfill a certain agenda.

  3. A place where we will offer you pretty promises or quick-fix, one-size-fits-all solutions.

  4. A place where we will emphasize importance on your weight, shape or abilities.

  5. A place where we will tell you how and when you should exercise.

“Attending this conference is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It is time for you to take a pause and focus on yourself. To hear and learn from so many different women and to gain clarity on how you can move forward, surrendering yourself and live a life free of tension and pain and really expand you life that includes moving and being free.”
— Christi E

At The LiveLife Conference,

we will discover powerful ways to incorporate healthy, meaningful and consistent movement into our lives through exploring the following questions….

How do we cherish the body that carries us through life?

How do we love the actions that are necessary to keep us strong and healthy?

How do we love in and between the chaos of the busyness of life?

How does love guide us through the sparks of life and the exhaustion of life?

How do we learn to cherish the process that gets us the achievements we strive for?

How do we manage to love others first and love ourselves first, too?

How do we adore the challenges of daily life that burden our hearts just as equally as we love the highlights that lift our hearts?

Watch this short video to learn more about the conference theme

here’s how we do it and what you’ll experience…

  1. Three educational and inspiring talks from three speakers

  2. A motivating, fun Pilates-based movement class designed for all levels of movers

  3. Heart-warming “Movement Stories” videos from women whose lives have been changed through movement

  4. A lively, stimulating and informational Q & A panel filled with great discussion

  5. Enjoyable habit and action-forming discovery prompts and writing exercises

  6. Helpful post-conference resources that will help you apply what you learned

As a woman, I found it very inspiring and empowering to be around other women that have made movement a priority in their day to day lives as both physically and mentally. We all go through similar experiences as women, and sometimes we don’t feel like we alway have the right people to talk to, and this event provides that opportunity for us.
— Heidi C.

The Talks

accepting love for yourself

Presented By: Leah Stewart, MS

The motivation for exercise generally stems from a desire to improve one’s health, looks or a combination of both. While these goals are admirable, they only scratch the surface in our exploration and discovery how movement carries us along a path of self-awareness and true acceptance for ourselves and what we were created to do in our lives. During this talk, Leah will walk you through a series of inspiring exercises that will guide you in discovering YOUR true ability to accept love for yourself, your body, your purpose and your life all through the simple power of daily movement.


pouring out love for others

Presented By: Dr. Brooke Winder, DPT

Giving to and fulfilling the needs of others is a common thread woven through the experience of womanhood. Often, we will set our needs aside to meet the needs of others and the demands of life OR we will ignore the warning signs our body is sharing with us to maintain the overly busy, do-it-all mentality so many of use are subject to. In doing so, we are missing our TRUE ability to joyfully pour out love to those in our lives. Brooke will unveil the myths behind this common experience, and will provide you with powerful anatomical information and steps on why honoring yourself first through movement is the best way to pour out love for others.


obtaining and maintaining a love for movement

Presented By: Sabrina Bryan

How do we actually arrive at a place where engaging in daily movement or exercise is consistently a joy-filled experience that ebbs and flows with the natural ups and downs of life? Engaging in movement consistently and intentionally, all with the ability to adapt to life’s changes, is the secret to a life-long love and appreciation for movement and exercise. During this talk, Sabrina will graciously share a series of actionable, obtainable steps in which you can discover how movement and exercise be a healthy, regular, positive part of your life - no matter what you may be going through.


When & Where


Beachcities Community Church

9872 Hamilton Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92646


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m.

Conference 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. | Lunch will be provided


$75 per person

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Please plan to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to learn and enjoy our amazing community of women! The conference will include a Pilates-based movement class, so please be sure your clothing will allow you to comfortably move.

The conference includes a mat class, so you will need a mat for this session.


The Agenda

8:30 am - Doors Open

8:30 am - Check-in, Refreshments

9:00 am - Keynote: Leah Stewart, MS - Founder of The LiveLife Movement

10:15 am - Track 1*: Sabrina Bryan

11:05 am - Track 2*: Dr. Brooke Winder, DPT

11:55 am - Movement Class

12:45 pm - Lunch and Panel Discussion/Q & A

2:00 pm - Closing Remarks & Community Acknowledgement

*Attendees will be divided into two groups allowing for a more intimate track sessions. All attendees will have the opportunity to attend both expert talks.

Times and details of the agenda subject to change in order to help ensure a great conference for all!


Do I need to go to Beachcities Church (or be religious) to attend?

Nope. Beachcities has generously provided their space for us to host this workshop because they believe in the importance of women connecting with other women. We thank them for the beautiful space and their hospitality as well as the openness to welcome our attendees.

Do I need to have experience doing Pilates to take the workshop?

No experience required. If you have any physical limitations or concerns it is important that you proceed with caution, and if applicable with the approval of your doctor.

Is this a conference to sell me stuff?

Nope. This is not a conference to hype you up on a service to subscribe to, a book to read, or a program to enroll in, nor is it a “vendor faire” with companies hocking their wares. This is a conference full of talking, movement and community specifically geared toward women.

We are so excited to see you at The LiveLife Conference on July 13th