God created and gave us our body to be able to do the work He has planned for us.

He wants us to understand how it works, to feel the joy in how it moves and to keep it healthy and capable.

When we do this out of love, respect and joy for God and the gifts that He has given us, we can go out into the world and be a light for Him, fully living the life we are called to live.  

Created To Move is a 6-week educational, Christian-based movement that helps women gain: 


 A spiritual....

understanding of what God says about the human body, what He wants us to use our body for and how He wants us to view our body. 

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The physical....

experience of moving our body in many different ways in order to truly understand it, appreciate it, respect it and love it just the way God created it. 


An intellectual....

understanding of our anatomy and physiology, in an effort to enhance the way we move and they way in which we relate to movement and our body. 


each created to move class includes: 


the Study

Each ministry class will open with a study. This is the time to discover what is said in the Bible about the human body, movement, etc. This is also the time for easy-to-understand anatomy and/or physiology information that will enhance our understanding of our wonderfully made body. 


The Movement

During this time, we will engage in movement/exercise based on the day's study. The movement/exercise will be designed to reinforce and enhance a deeper understanding and appreciation for what was discussed in the study. 


The Reflection 

After the movement portion, we will spend some time in quiet, written reflection. The reflections will include prompts for stimulating thoughts about the way we feel after or felt during the movement/exercise in addition to reflections on the study.  


The Discussion

Together as a group, we will discuss our reflections, movement experience, etc. This is the time to ask questions about the study or specific exercises. This is also the time to receive some exercise movement correction if need be.