Creative, effective education and movement opportunities that help women come together in solidarity to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so that they may grow in confidence while continually feeling empowered and inspired.

If you are seeking…

To build a habit of and relationship with exercise and healthy living free of obligation, dread, overwhelm or guilt, and one that is full of joy, empowerment, fun and grace, The LiveLife Movement is definitely for you!

We offer

  1. Pilates-based home workouts for busy women

2. Online programs in fitness, nutrition and intentional, mindful living that educate, motivate and provide easy-to-implement, actionable steps for living a healthy lifestyle

3. Wellness, Movement & Community Events for Women


We Believe…..

  1. That being a woman is about living a life centered around nurturing others, standing in confidence, knowing our own strength and expressing love.

2. That movement is the most powerful catalyst to living in vibrancy as a woman, and that all women are movers!

3. That obtaining and maintaining a consistent movement or exercise habit occurs when we begin to peel back the layers of WHY we exercise; discovering the deeper, real-life reasons as to the true role movement plays in our lives as women.

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Upcoming Events

SATURDAY, July 13th

9 am - 2:30 pm

huntington beach, Ca

Wanna know what you will experience at The LiveLife Conference?

Upcoming Online Programs


ladies:Learn how to restore your pelvic floor


Pilates teachers:Become a prenatal Pilates doula

HEY there mamas!

We have effective, creative, fun & safe   programs that will guide you through your pregnancy and into motherhood. 


Here's where you'll find Pilates training tools, courses & resources that are both easy to follow and implement. 

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You are Created to move!

 This faith-based program uses study and movement to gain deeper understanding of your God-made body.


We're So Happy You're Here.......

Hi! Thanks for checking out The LiveLife Movement, we have a lot of awesome goodness to share with you. My name is Leah Stewart (that’s me with my three wonderful boys). I created The LiveLife Movement for three distinct groups:

1. Mamas and Women seeking a healthy, empowered womanhood experience,

2. Pilates teachers seeking quality education resources, and

3. Women seeking a faith-based movement experience.

Whether you are in one or all three of these groups, The LiveLife Movement provides you with the resources to better connect with your body and to start living a healthy “movement lifestyle” that will propel you into living the life you dream about. Seriously! Movement can do that!

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