The Pelvic Floor Restore Program


The Pelvic Floor Restore Program

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The Pelvic Floor Restore Program is designed to:

1. Educate you with thorough yet easy-to-understand lessons as well as smart, enjoyable Pilates classes designed specifically for the development of a healthy pelvic floor.

2. Address your personal needs and goals through one-on-one feedback and communication with Leah.

3. Empower you through meaningful, real life applications of the information learned and physical progress gained.

How it works:

Duration: 4 weeks

Each week you will get a:

  1. Pre-recorded lesson on the pelvic floor

  2. Pre-recorded Pilates class

  3. Group Q & A call (which will be recorded)

  4. Journaling worksheet

  5. Practical, daily life application lesson

  6. Lifelong access to the online program material