Pelvic Floor Restore

An Online Pilates Course For All Women

As women, our pelvic floor structure and musculature go through a variety of shifts, changes and challenges through out life.

From childbearing, to stress, to physical intimacy, to physical endeavors to life’s daily demands, our pelvic floor plays a vital role in it all, and thus is affected by it all.



  • Being present in running, jumping and playing with your child (without worrying you might pee a little)

  • Being able to withstand long hours on your feet or your desk (without lower back pain)

  • Engaging physically with your partner (without discomfort)

  • Confidently setting new goals for yourself (like running your first race or feeling fit).

You can accomplish this!

With easy-to-understand and applicable pelvic floor education along side consistent, effective and creative movement through Pilates exercises, your pelvic floor can function optimally as the supportive, supple structure it is designed to be.


what is the Pelvic Floor Restore program

This program is designed to:

1. Educate you with thorough yet easy-to-understand lessons as well as smart, enjoyable Pilates classes designed specifically for the development of a healthy pelvic floor.

2. Address your personal needs and goals through one-on-one feedback and communication with Leah.

3. Empower you through meaningful, real life applications of the information learned and physical progress gained.

How It Works

This 4 week online course will provide you with:


A weekly pre-recorded lesson on the pelvic floor:

Week 1: Know Your Pelvis: Structure & Muscles

Week 2: Understanding Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Week 3: Moving Your Pelvis & Pelvic Floor

Week 4: Everyday Functions of the Pelvis


A weekly pre-recorded Pilates workout that accompanies the weekly lesson


Weekly journaling and reflection worksheets designed to help you apply the information and movement to your daily life

This exciting program is designed for all women in every stage of life!

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the team at: