This program is designed to:

1. Ignite your passion and boost your confidence in teaching pregnant women.

2. Provide a meaningful Pilates practice that empowers women to experience their best pregnancy and labor.

3. To educate through clarity, creativity, safety and compassion.

This training program was created with the belief that when a woman becomes pregnant she is not limited in her movement and exercises choices.

Quite contrary to popular belief, right?

 When a woman becomes pregnant she is placed in a position to enjoy endless, new movement explorations inspired by her amazing, magical and powerful body -- a body that is creating new life.

She can move without fear or limitation when guided with knowledgeable, creative, feel-good adaptations that help her feel wonderful and strong during pregnancy, prepares her for labor and jump-starts her postpartum healing. That's where a Pilates Doula comes in.

what is a prenatal pilates doula? 

The word doula comes from the Greek word meaning, "a woman who serves", and has grown to refer more specifically to a trained, experienced professional who guides a woman with physical, emotional and instructional support before, during or after her labor. 



A prenatal Pilates doula is........

An experienced and educated Pilates teacher who:

1. Is a source of encouragement and support as she guides a pregnant woman step-by-step throughout her pregnancy using Pilates movements and principles.

2. Creatively and intelligently designs Pilates programs and classes for pregnant women based on her knowledge of prenatal anatomy and physiology, as well as the her client's individual needs.

3. Teaches with confidence and joy, trusting in her knowledge, instinct and ability to clearly communicate with her pregnant client/s.

why you need to take this course

Are you interested in expanding your teaching practice by working with pregnant women? 

Have you ever been presented with the opportunity to teach a pregnant woman and have thought to yourself? 

“What I am I going to teach her? There are so many things a pregnant woman can’t do! Seriously, what exercises can I teach?”
“I know exercise is suppose to be really good for pregnant women, but I’m super scared I’m going to hurt her or her baby!”
“I really want to help my client, but I just don’t know enough about pregnancy to feel confident and safe enough to continue her sessions now that she’s pregnant.”

Good don't have to think that way anymore.

you can let go of your fears and start teaching WITH confidence and joy! 

and here's four reasons why.....

This program not only provides you with in-depth, scientifically sound information about the physical changes during pregnancy and labor and how that effects Pilates exercises choices, it teaches you to view pregnancy from an individualistic and holistic perspective.


This program provides you with the opportunity to gain sensitivity and the ability to a create unique and meaningful Pilates programs for each individual woman you teach. 



A good prenatal Pilates program isn't just simply about modifying the exercises for the pregnant body, it's about creating exercise modifications and variations that address and enhance the experience of pregnancy and labor. 


You are provided the chance to empower a woman to deeply understand and love her changing and powerful body; paving the path for a strong pregnancy and a confident and positive labor. 


What makes this a great Prenatal Pilates Program?

1. Rather than just cram a bunch of exercise modifications you can do with your pregnant clients into your head over a couple of days, we are going take the time to analyze pregnancy and labor at it's deepest levels, physically, emotionally and mentally.

2. We're also going to look at how a wide variety of exercises can enhance each facet of pregnancy and labor, making movement and exercise a powerful and integral part of the pregnancy and labor experience.


what will you gain by becoming a prenatal pilates doula?

1. You will have well-rounded and detailed knowledge of pregnancy and how to adapt the Pilates repertoire to meet the needs of your pregnancy clients.

2. You will have the confidence to teach a pregnant woman Pilates with safety and creativity.

3. You will have expanded your teaching repertoire and ability, thus potentially growing your teaching practice and business.

4. You will have an array of new tools and resources to effectively communicate with your pregnant clients and to create your own, unique and well-thought-out prenatal exercise program.

5. The opportunity to help your pregnant clients make Pilates a regular and effective Pilates part of their pregnancy journey and life, advantageous for their pregnancy and labor.

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