Prenatal Pilates Doula 

“I feel a greater ability to connect and empathize—even though I have never given birth, it is easier now to imagine how women who are about to or who have recently given birth must be feeling. I have tried many of the exercises with non-pregnant clients (and myself!) and they have been a useful tool for finding more depth and specificity in our work. I am looking forward to doing more of the repertoire with pre-and post-natal women in the future!”
— Krista
“I feel much more confident in my ability to teach pre- and post-natal women. I am excited about the opportunity to incorporate my new knowledge and experience into an already fulfilling career as a Pilates instructor and studio owner.”
— Amber
“The repertoire is impressive and leaves no gaps in areas where women will want to feel their strength and mobility improve during these life changes. I love the way we learned how Pilates can be a mental and physical training program for the MANY mental and physical challenges posed by birth and new motherhood!”
— Marlayna
“Though I have not had the personal experience of pregnancy and labor, I feel empowered to help other women with practical modifications for posturing and cueing.
Learning about the alternatives to what our culture has ingrained in our way of delivery and treating women, I feel much more liberated and prepared to make educated decisions with on my own advocacy.”
— Seonag
“I also have a much more clear vision as to the role I play in a client’s pregnancy. I am not just there to help her “stay in shape” while she is pregnant, but I can safely help to prepare her for her journey through her pregnancy and labor.”
— Cristina
“I truly feel that it is amazing what a woman’s body can do in order to bear children and feel that it’s important to empower women who are going through this process to feel strong and capable and also confident and blessed!”
— Ginny
“I feel confident. Your course has reconfirmed that pregnant women are not broken. As a Pilates instructor I can provide correct movement patterns that will help strength and mobilize women with appropriate exercises. You have provided useful repertoire with focus and purpose”
— Paula